2012     Exuberance, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2011     Luminosity, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2010     Early Summer Release, The 13th Street Winery, St. Catharines
2009     Love in the Air, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2008     Colour in the Air, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2006     Dreaming in Color, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2003     Defying Gravity, Moore Gallery, Toronto
1999     Magnetic Shift, Moore Gallery, Toronto
1997     Invented Spaces: New Sculptures,
             Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
1995     Ten Years in Color, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
1993     The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1992     Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredrickton, New Brunswick
1992     The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa
1991     The Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton
1991     Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1990     Elca London Gallery, Montreal
1988     Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1987     Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1986     Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1986     The Watson Gallery, Houston,Texas
1984     Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1984     Elca London Gallery, Montreal
1982     Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1982     Elca London Gallery, Montreal
1981     Watson/deNagy & Co., Houston, Texas
1980     Klonaridis inc., Toronto
1978     Gallery 76, Toronto
1977     David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto
1975     Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick
1974     The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto
1973     The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto
1971     The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto
1970     The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto


2009     Bright Colors, Big Canvas,
             Agnes Etherington Gallery, Kingston
2007     Summer 2007, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2006     Winter, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2005     I Am, James Baird Gallery, St. Johns, Newfoundland
2005     Winter, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2005     Woof, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto
2005     Summer 2005, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2004     Small Format, Delong Gallery, Toronto
2003     Standards, Delong Gallery, Toronto
2003     Summer, Moore Gallery, Toronto
2002     About Love, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
2001     Full Color, a level Gallery, Toronto
2001     Winter, Moore Gallery, Toronto
1997     Great Artists for a Great Cause, Moore Gallery, Toronto
1996     Spring, Moore Gallery, Hamilton
1995     Toronto Arts Awards "Protege",
             Sculptor's Society of Canada
1995     The Klonaridis Group, Moore Gallery, Hamilton
1994     Contemporary Painting from Korea and Canada,
             Back Sang Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994     The Louis Odette Collection, Mississauga Civic Centre
1992     Considering Space, Joseph D. Carrier Gallery, Toronto
1990     The Robertson Gallery, Ottawa
1986     Le Genie de la Bastille, Paris, France
1985     Holiday Selections, Lillian Heidenberg Gallery, New York
1983     Gallery Artists, Lillian Heidenberg Gallery, New York
1981     8 Painters, The Wells Gallery, Ottawa
1980     Works on Paper, Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1980     Gallery Artists, Klonaridis Inc., Toronto
1978     Certain Traditions, Recent British and Canadian Art,
             The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
1977     A Group Show, The David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto
1977     The Bologna Art Fair, Bologna, Italy
1977     14 Canadians: A Critics Choice,
             Hirshorn Museum, Washington, D.C
1977     New Abstract Art, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
1977     The Fauve Heritage, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
1977     Six from Toronto, Watson/de Nagy & Co., Houston, Texas
1977     Works on Paper, Galerie Wentzel, Cologne, Germany
1976     A Selection of Painting in Toronto,
             David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto
1976     Works on Paper and Sculpture,
             David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto
1975     Canada X 10, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
1974     Opening Exhibition, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
1973     Contemporary Canadian Painting,
             University of Waterloo, Waterloo
1972     12 X 12, Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick
1971     Festival of Canada, Robertson Art Gallery,
             Binghampton, N.Y.
1970     Scarborough College, University of Toronto, Toronto
1969     Survey 69, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal
1968     Canadian Artists 68, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto


1970     B Grant, Canada Council
1972     B Grant, Canada Council
1980     Project Grant, Canada Council
1995     Protoge Award, Toronto Arts Council


1967     BSc. University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon


1970-present     Professor, Faculty of Art,
                           Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto
1969-70     Instructor, 3 Schools of Art, Toronto


1998     Big Pictures, Array Music, duMaurier Theatre, Toronto
1993     In Color, Robert Desrosiers Dance Theatre, Toronto
1993     The 365 Day Garden, Bill James Group, Toronto
1992     Big Pictures, Array Music, duMaurier Theatre, Toronto
1991     Black and White, Robert Desrosiers Dance Theatre
1988     Give It a Try, Sonya Delwaide Dance Theatre


1971     Outdoor Mural, Flatiron Building, Toronto,
             Sponsor: Benson and Hedges


2003     The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta
2002     The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta
2001     Kalani Honua, Big Island, Hawaii
2000     Temagami Landscape Workshop, Ontario
1976     Emma Lake Artists Workshop, Sask.


Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa
Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick
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Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston
Baycrest Hospital, Toronto
Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor
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University of Lethbridge, Alberta
Peel Regional Art Gallery


Sony Music
Coopers and Lybrand
The Royal Bank of Canada
Texas Instruments, Houston, Texas
Xerox of Canada
Prince Hotel, Tokyo
Deluxe Films, Los Angeles
Raytheon, Dallas, Texas
Toronto Dominion Bank
Osler Hoskins and Harcourt